29 October 2012 | 21:09

Council on Economic Development and Social Policy

The Council on Economic Development and Social Policy is a consultative body which, through public debate, aims at achieving consensus on solutions that lead to economic and social progress. The activities of the Council focus public attention on topical issues in the following priority areas:

• Increasing the competitiveness of Bulgarian enterprises
• Promotion of energy efficiency
• Strengthening the innovation ecosystem
• Improving the business environment
• Increased employment and promote social inclusion
• Demographic challenges
• Improving the quality and efficiency of health services
• Introduction of e-health

The Council’s work on economic development and social policy is organised and managed by the Secretary of Social Policy, Youth and Sports, the Secretary of Health, Education and Science or the Adviser on Economy and Innovation according to the theme of the meeting of the Council and the competences of the secretary or adviser to the President. The Council includes representatives of the executive and the legislature, civil society, social partners, professional organizations, business and science.